9 Dumb Advice Unsuccessful People Give You

9 Dumb Advice Unsuccessful People Give You.

Hey you! Yes, you thinking what I’m about to tell you that you probably didn’t know before now. Well, I’m here to open your eyes to some advice you didn’t know were wrong, lame and dumb. Some of these dumb bits of advice are given by family, friends, mentors and so on, with no intent to harm or mislead you. But the truth is, most successful people are not even willing to dish out the right recipe for their success. Nevertheless, I’m going to unravel and debunk these dumb bits of advice which you’ve proudly believed in. 

Just Wait And Let Love Happen To You.

Often times, people complain about boredom and inability to meet classy and good looking would-be partners. How would you meet this person when you are always indoors unless the would-be partner is going to be delivering ice creams at your doorstep.

Again, if you are in a place and everyone around you is below or higher than your standard, then you need to walk. If you want to date someone with great shape, get-in-shape yourself, you want to date someone who is successful, become successful too. Just put in the work required otherwise, at some point, you'd just have to settle for whatever is available.

Everything Happens For a Reason.

People who use this quote have it completely behind because things don't just happen. Things happen because you make it happen or because an external force makes them happen. There are cause and effect to everything, and once you understand this, you'd stop looking for meaning in every single thing. 
Here is a shocker: The world would go on just fine without the likes of Otedola, Dangote and other billionaires. The earth will still keep on spinning. So, for you to live a happy and fulfilling life not minding the situation, you have to stop blaming the universe and start being accountable for your life

Be Yourself.

As cool and confident as this phrase ‘Be yourself’ sounds, it is still a very wrong piece of advice to give to someone. Why is it wrong? It is wrong because as a human being, you should always strive to become a better version of yourself every day. So, the phrase should be ‘Be the best you can’. And this can only happen when you discover yourself, your passion and the purpose of your existence. 

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger.

I’ve used this quote a couple of times before I realized it's actually a dumb thing to say. 
The truth is, what doesn't kill you may leave you paralyzed for life, barely alive. It could ruin your life, and it could also affect the lives of those around you. 
So, while you are stronger for what didn’t kill you, know this- your desire might be unlimited but your finances, the years you have in your life, your physical body and the stress levels you can endure are limited. 

If You Work Hard You Can Achieve Anything 

If hard work was the only factor when it comes to success, the richest people in the world would plausibly be the bricklayers or the coal diggers.
Hard work is very key, but sorry to say this, it isn't just enough. In order to be successful in life, there are a variety of skills and level of knowledge, that you need to have before hard work comes into play. So, you need to be smarter about what you do.

Time Heals All Wounds 

It is very hurting to say this to people who are going through real-life pains. Imagine telling couples who were barren for years before they finally had a baby, and later lost the child to a disease that time would heal their wounds, it doesn’t add up. You can only learn to bear the pain and live through it, but the scar will always be there.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

To start with, what and who are you waiting on? Good things happen to people who work for it. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody is coming to buy that Ferrari or Bentley you are daydreaming about. Those fancy cars and houses don’t just happen. You have to work for it. Put in the right efforts and get rewarded for it. Stop living an imaginary and illusory life. The world works on actions.

You Are So Young, You Have All The Time In The World

The truth is, nobody has all the time in the world. Successful people are very stingy with their time. If you want to be exceptional in life, you have to realise that you have limited time. Discover your purpose on time and be impactful. Take the right and biggest risk when you have the freedom to, not when you are ageing and tied to family responsibilities. Utilize your early years and make a difference. 

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Do What You Love

This is a bit of terrible advice at least for the earlier part of your career. Sometimes, you shouldn’t just do what you love, you should do what gets you paid. Everyone likes to wear fancy clothes, work in a glass house, and prefers to get paid 10k per month rather than fry beanballs and live on 30k profit per month. Your passion is good but isn’t enough because you need to pay your bills. In other words, you need resources such as time and money to put into your passion to see it return greater than it just makes you feel good.

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