How Victims of Killer Fulani Herders Fled To Benin Republic In Search Of Refuge — Eggua Royal Family

Aroyal family member in the Eggua community of Ogun State, Prince Olu Abiola, has explained how some of the victims of attacks by killer Fulani herders in the area escaped to the neighbouring Benin Republic.

He disclosed this to SaharaReporters on Tuesday while reacting to a statement by the Ogun State Government that only Beninoise living in Nigeria fled to the Benin Republic during those attacks.

“Some people really ran away for their lives because, at that period, those areas were not safe for them to reside. The Fulani herders laid ambush consistently to the extent that many people could not sleep in their houses. So this forced them to escape to other neighbouring towns in Nigeria as well as in Benin Republic," he said. 

Abiola, who was the former
Chairman of Yewa North Local Government Area, clarified that there are residents of Ogun communities living close to the border Nigeria shares with Benin Republic. 

He said such allows for easy access of people in such Ogun communities to Benin Republic, adding that the similar cultures of the two peoples make it easy. 

“You know that Benin Republic is very close to us. We do these things in common so parts of Eegelu are in Nigeria and also in the Benin Republic. So, if there is a crisis in Nigeria, these people can easily flee to Benin,” he added. 


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