‘We Were Stripped Naked’: Comedian Macaroni Narrates Experience With Police At Toll Gate

Popular comedian Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, at a police facility on February 13, 2021.
roni has condemned the police for the treatment meted out to him and other protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate, claiming that they were stripped naked. 

“When we were picked up, we were taken to Adeniji where we were beaten, we were stripped naked,” he said in a video posted on his Twitter handle on Sunday. Everyone was beaten.”

The comedian explained that he initially did not want to go for the protest as he had been warned by his family, but noted that he changed his mind because people will be at the Toll Gate. 

Source:- https://www.channelstv.com/2021/02/14/we-were-stripped-naked-comedian-macaroni-narrates-experience-with-police-at-toll-gate/

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